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that day the queen came across a fanatic in her bedroom

As the death of Elizabeth II upsets the British, a look back at one of the most misunderstood events of her reign. On July 9, 1982, around 7 a.m., Michael Fagan, a young painter-decorator, climbed a gutter in the buckingham palace until reaching a flat roof that was only a few meters from the main palace building.

Barefoot, he climbed until he reached an unlocked window overlooking the historic halls of the palace, undetected by cameras or Security. From there, he spent some time wandering around the palace, including setting off the alarm system twice while browsing King George V’s stamp collection. Unsuspecting the intrusion and thinking the alarms were faulty , the police on duty extinguished them.

He then unwittingly slipped into the apartments of Queen Elizabeth II. The intruder told The Sun magazine: They say she must have been scared. I didn’t scare him too much but I was quite shocked. She, still drowsy, would have asked him: ” What are you doing here ? » then “She used a phone on the bedside table to call security but when no one came she got out of bed.”

Buckingham Palace intruder broke into Elizabeth II’s bedroom

He added: “Her babydoll was one of those Liberty prints and it went down to her knees. She said, “Just a minute, I’ll go get someone,” passed me and ran out of the room, her little bare feet running across the floor. » But he later admitted to having lied about the queen’s outfit, because he hadn’t had time to notice Elizabeth II’s clothes in the end. He added this detail only to make his story more interesting.

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Over time, Michael Fagan has given various accounts of how events unfolded and many different reasons why he broke into the palace that morning.
According to an interview relayed by The Guardian following the incident, he initially told police he had broken in to see the Queen because he was in love with her, but to others occasions, and for other media he suggested he thought the Queen might be able to help him. A mystery that remains unsolved to this day…

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