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the most expensive auction in the world cost the price of a house!

the luxury, even second-hand, definitely has no limits! The amounts spent sometimes reach peaks. The French house Hermes is clearly doing well, with prices on the market for second hand sometimes stratospheric. But what explains these prices at the Hermès brand? ” She is known for its know how. It reaches an international and intergenerational clientele, and its handbags iconic are difficult to obtain. »explained to Echoes Start Alice Legerspecialist in the fashion and luxury accessories department of the auction house Artcurial.

The most popular bag models at Hermès are the Birkinimagined in 1984. This is also the case of the Kellycreated in the 1930s. Buying a new piece from Hermès requires registering with a waiting list and to wait potentially several years. For a new Birkin, it takes at least €8,000. For a Kelly, no less than €7,000. The Birkin and Kelly are, by far, the bags most wanted and those who leave at the prices the highest at auctions.

A record sale at Christie’s auction

During resales, the prices of certain Hermès bags may explode. ” This is particularly the case for those created in limited series or on the occasion of collaborations. »observes, with the Echoes Start, Lucile Andreaniresponsible for sales of handbags and accessories for the auction house Christie’s. It is moreover a very rare piecesigned Hermès, which reached a record price at an auction.

The auction house Christie’s sold a bag Kelly Himalaya for the record sum of 437,330 dollars, i.e. €365,545. Extremely rare, this model is designed in crocodile skin white and tan. Only a few models are created each year by Hermès, making it one of the bags most popular in the world. A piece that also made a lot of noise in France a few months ago… for a surprising reason!

For her birthday, the reality TV candidate Nabilla was offered, by her husband Thomas Vergara, not a Kelly Himalaya, but a Birkin, in the same crocodile skin. A gift that has no more to his fans at all. Indeed, Nabilla explained that she was committed to the animal wellbeing. On social networks, she regularly claims to be vegan, getting rid of fur clothing and taking action in favor of wildlife around the world. A completely garbled message by acquiring this piece according to its community.

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With this record sale, Hermès adds a new page to its story. The latter plays in particular in its favor and gives it a very special status in the luxury world. Throughout the ages, Hermès has stood out as THE house that makes honor to craftsmanship. Each piece has its specificities and is inspired by our traditions. For example, the Kelly bag was born from the Haut à Ceintures, a large bag model created in 1892 for riders. But it was in 1956 that he really found success, when the actress Grace Kelly is photographed with a model in hand.

After the Grace Kelly episode, customers of the luxury house began to order it, claiming the piece in reference to the Monegasque princess. This dazzling craze led Hermès to rename the model in 1977. A beautiful success story which still follows the mark today. Indeed, the Kelly now exists in ten sizes, twenty materials and fifty colors. What to ensure a almost unique model for each client.

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