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What are the benefits of pomegranate on the skin?

We know it better for the color and the unique flavor it brings to our plates. Yet the pomegranate has many other virtues than the taste pleasure it gives us! To learn all about the amazing benefits of pomegranate, especially for the skin, here is a quick overview…

Pomegranate, what is it?

Here is an amazing fruit, harvested from the grenadier, a charming shrub native to Persia and cultivated for centuries in the Mediterranean basin. The pomegranate, round in shape, consists of a rind containing many seeds surrounded by a red, fleshy, juicy envelope called an aril. It is these small seeds that are eaten – by hand, like a healthy snack or as a salad garnish, or pressed into juice (which can later be used to make syrup, wine or vinegar). Its tangy and refreshing flavor is gaining more and more followers. She is renowned for her nutritional qualities : rich in vitamins, low in caloriesit would have many anti-cholesterol and anti-fatigue properties.

What is less known is that the pomegranate can also be employee in cosmetics. Because its benefits for the skin are many…

Pomegranate: an extraordinary anti-aging

anti aging pomegranate

The pomegranate is a exceptional antioxidantmore than blueberries, the green tea or the grape. This super power is not so much due to its vitamin A and C content as because it is rich in an incredible amount of polyphenols. Indeed the fruit contains a record rate of catechins and anthocyanins (the pigments giving it its bright red color).

What result for the skin, you say? It’s very simple: the skin is the largest organ, covering almost the entire body and serving as the first immune barrier. As such, it is exposed to multiple attacks: solar UV rays, pollution, germs and microbes. These attacks cause the body to increase free radicals, unstable molecules that accelerate aging and boost inflammation. The body knows how to eliminate them, but it is not against a little boost. The pomegranate, both when eaten and when applied to the skin, helps neutralize some of this oxidation.

Thus, we can say that the fruit helps to fight against the signs of aging :

Benefit noh2: a firming action

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