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What are the benefits of wheat germ oil?

Absolutely ! It is also regularly used for this purpose. It prevents the appearance of stretch marksbecause it contributes to the maintenance of the mechanical properties of the skin (resistance, elasticity and suppleness), while fighting against the skin dryness favoring “cracking”. But it also acts as treatment to reduce them, due to its inflammatory properties. She thus makes miracles on young stretch markswhether red or purple, by neutralizing subcutaneous inflammation and boosting the regeneration process.

How to use wheat germ oil as an anti-stretch mark treatment?

1- In combination with other oils

It is possible to use wheat germ oil alone, in direct application to the skin. However, its low penetrating power, its greasy feel and its thick, creamy texture can cause discomfort.

Also, it is recommended to use it in synergy with other natural vegetable oils, with a drier touch and better penetrating power. We think, for example, of jojoba oil, macadamia oilhazelnut oil or rosehip oil.

It can also be associated with essential oils (provided you are not pregnant), for example EO of mandarin, lavender, Rosewood or Italian helichrysum (immortelle).

2- As an anti-stretch mark balm

Wheat germ oil is also suitable for making homemade anti-stretch mark balms: just melt in a bain-marie with Shea Butter or of cocoa and a little beeswax, add a little wheat germ oil to the mixture once out of the heat, pour a few drops of rose geranium essential oil into the mixture and pour the whole mixture into a jar, keep in the refrigerator.

3- As an anti-stretch mark scrub

Finally, wheat germ oil can enter into the composition of a exfoliating (house or not) bodily. Scrubs are effective in preventing and treating stretch marks:

  • they rid the skin of its dead cells ;
  • the mechanical action of massage allows boost microcirculation and so, the cell regeneration (therefore the repair of the dermis);
  • assets present in the treatment, like wheat germ oil, can also contribute to nourish the skin and to maintain its suppleness and softness.

This is why, at Cellublue, we have chosen to include this oil in the formulation of our Anti-Stretch Mark Scrub.

Its properties:

  • it gently exfoliates the skin ;
  • its ultra-clean composition allows it to be used on all skin types and all types of stretch marks
  • its great sweetness fact that it can be applied 2-3 times a week;
  • its natural assets act at the heart of the problem of stretch marks – nourishing and softening mango butter, emollient, anti-inflammatory and softening wheat germ oil.
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