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75-Year-Old Woman Found Out She Was 46 Years Pregnant Carrying 4-Kilo Fetus

46 is the number of years during which Zahara Boutaleb carried a fetus without knowing it. This Moroccan was 75 years old when she discovered the terrible news…

It was in 2002 that this woman went to the hospital because of unbearable abdominal pain. After auscultation, the verdict of the doctors will leave her in a stupor, as revealed OBS at the time…

A 3.7 kg fetus carried for 46 years

And for good reason, the professionals consulted to relieve his “heaviness in the stomach” finally discovered a strange lump in his abdomen. The verdict falls after further examinations: it was a fetus of 3.7 kg and 42 cm.

The doctors then discovered that it was a question of an abdominal pregnancy having followed its “normal” course. It was only after 9 months of pregnancy that the heart of the fetus stopped. It then “fossilized” over the years.

Indeed, the fetus ended up gradually wrapping itself in a shell of limestone, produced by its mother’s body. This is what allowed him to stay in his belly for so long without harming his health too much.

An exceptional case of ectopic pregnancy

It was not the first time that the septuagenarian went to the hospital. During a previous visit, the pregnancy had not been detected. lack of efficient technical means at the time “, explained the medical team.

It was finally Professor Ouazzani Taibi, head of the gynecology-obstetrics department of the maternity ward of the University Hospital of Rabat, who was responsible for extracting the fossilized fetus from the body of this woman.

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This is an exceptional case of ectopic pregnancy. Even today, the duration of this pregnancy like no other – which reached 46 years – remains unmatched.

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