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Alexia Daval’s murderer found love “in prison”

On October 30, 2017, the lifeless body of Alexia Daval was discovered in a wood of Esmoulins, in Haute-Savoie. Her husband, Jonathann Daval, will eventually confess his crime on January 29, 2018. A shock for the parents of the young woman until then very close to their son-in-law.

Sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment, the computer scientist, who had for a time accused his wife’s family of his crime before retracting, has apparently found love again.

Jonathann Daval again as a couple five years after the murder of his wife

Questioned by our colleagues from TV Starjournalist Dominique Rizet, a specialist in miscellaneous facts, revealed that he held ” a scoop ” of “ reliable source before specifying: Jonathann Daval has found love in prison! »

During his trial, Me Spatafora, his lawyer, returned to the problems encountered by the couple. She (note: Alexia Daval) blamed him in particular for his erection problems, and the fact of not having successful sexual intercourse.she detailed.

Alexia Daval: her memory “soiled” by Jonathann Daval’s lawyers

And to add: She also asked him to take more insurance, more responsibilities in his life. “. Statements that had shocked the relatives of the young woman who consider that the defense has ” soiled his memory.

“I don’t want the defense lawyers talking nonsense about my daughter. What interests me is the truth. I want the truth, the mother of the victim, Isabelle Fouillot, was annoyed at the microphone of France 3. I don’t want to leave the field open to them. Everything was distorted by the defense and the murderer. He lied so much. »

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“He took everything from us. He took our lives.”

“Alexia is the face of violence against women. It’s always the woman to blame she insisted then. It is said that for a woman, it is a defect to have character. For a man it is a quality. You have to stop with this kind of talk. He took everything from us. He took our lives. It is we who are condemned to life. Because of this gentleman who decided to kill his wife “.

And to evoke the memory that she keeps of Alexia, ” a smiling, pleasant, dynamic young girl “. ” Everyone, the neighbors, his childhood friends, his colleagues say so. She really was like that. Considerate towards othersshe concluded. In addition, she wanted to save her couple “.

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