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doctors warn about the dangers and consequences

Getting a tattoo has become a very common thing. In effect, one in 10 French people would already have one, and almost as many would think about it seriously, according to an IFOP survey. And let it be on a headbutt Where well thought, no one is immune to regret. To counter this, the laser tattoo removal is becoming more and more popular.

The practice of tattooing is ancestral. Our old ancestors were tattooed, and many tribes and populations continue to do so in the form of ritual. Several ways to proceed exist, as well as many different styles. To meet the demand, manyartists get into tattooing and open their salon.

Laser tattoo removal is done by a dermatologist

However, more and more people with tattoos want to have their tattoos removed. Unfortunately, this practice is quite expensive and is very painful. In addition, doctors stress the importance of the products used for tattooing. Indeed, depending on the quality and origin of the ink, tattoo removal could have different results.

The technique of laser is becoming increasingly common, especially in the United States. Nearly a quarter of American college students have one or more tattoos. And half of them would like to erase them! Today, the procedure is relatively simple.

Not so long ago, erasing a tattoo meant going through the surgery. And often the result was not not very aestheticand sometimes even required a skin graft. Today, it would take about ten sessions to completely erase the drawing. It is a long and expensive process, which is performed only at a dermatologist.

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Are the inks dangerous?

The inks used could have consequences on tattoo removal. These would be considered as health products. Indeed, since they are injected into the skin, it is important to carefully consider their origin and their composition. Moreover, many colors and brands have failed to be prohibitedleaving little room for artists to choose their products.

And if this debate is still heatedly disputed by the world of tattooing, it remains topical, just like that concerning tattoo removal. To avoid the hazardsyou have to make sure to choose your tattoo artist well, by checking for example his certificates ofhygiene. Pay attention to what he wash your hands well and disinfected your skin well and that it uses sterile material and to Disposable. Also remember to reflect on the grounds that you will keep “for life”, because tattoo removal remains expensive and painful!

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