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Dubbed ‘the dirtiest man alive’, 80-year-old hasn’t washed in 60 years

To see his photo, we can imagine him emerging from the rubble of an earthquake or the ruins of a fire. In fact, it is not. His appearance is due to a simple reason: Amoo Hadji did not not washed for over 60 years.

This 80 year old iranian is from the city of Dezgah in the province of Fars in the very south of the country. He made the surprising choice not to wash, which explains why he lives apart, almost in hermit. We imagine, in fact, that its smell can bother those who approach it.

The dirtiest man in the world becomes famous

For some time his name makes the buzz on the Web. He landed the unenviable title ofdirtiest man in the world. A performance which is not official for the moment, but which could, why not, appear one day in the Book of Records.

It must be said that with his toothless smile, his filthy beard and his weathered skin, he has everything of a star. And we can see him very well in a role for an upcoming Hollywood production on some post-apocalyptic universe.

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Simple tastes

When it comes to life choices, Amoo Hadji has rather simple tastes. He likes to wander in nature, alone, and has a old shack which serves as his home.

Where he is more original is about what he likes to smoke. Tobacco is too common and Amoo is not a fan of psychotropics. So he doesn’t fill his pipe with opium or cannabis. But with dried feces animals he finds in the wild. Not so surprising from a man who has chosen to live a…different way.

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