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his behavior infuriates internet users

This Saturday, September 10, many viewers gathered on TF1 for the last blind auditions of this eighth season of The Voice Kids. A program rich in emotions… but also in controversy.

Indeed, for several weeks now, anger has been rumbling on the Web. Some Internet users believe that Louane, because of his young age, is not legitimate as a coach. But that’s not all ! The companion of Florian Rossi, frequently targeted on social networks, also annoys because of his behavior.

Louane “disrespectful” in The Voice Kids?

Struck by the talent of some children who came to audition, Louane did not hesitate to pull out her claws so that they would join her team. A somewhat aggressive attitude which apparently shocked Internet users.

Louane annoys me personally, she takes the children for objects with her incessant “come with me” before even asking their first names, it is obvious that she makes them uncomfortable when it is supposed to be above all their choice “, protested a viewer.

“I like the artist but as a coach she is unbearable”

An opinion shared by many Internet users, according to the number of reactions on Twitter. ” This is the first time I’m watching #TheVoiceKids this year but Louane she puts pressure on the kids she leaves them no choice it’s not at all respectful especially for children I’m shocked “added a user.

I realize that I’m not the only one who can’t stand Louane phew! Yet I like the artist but as a coach she is unbearable »judges another telecrochet fan.

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Louane impervious to criticism: “It does not affect me for long”

Critics which the young woman prefers to ignore. “ I can’t say it doesn’t affect me, that would be wrong… But it doesn’t affect me for long”she explained in this regard in It’s up to you.

Afterwards, I’m sad for people who spend their time doing that. It is a problem. There are so many things to be happy in life rather than putting someone down, she concluded. Honestly, it’s been a long journey, but I love myself more and more. I am very happy to love myself! You do not love me ? It does not matter, we will not make our life together! »

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