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Know the watches of the Chic Time brand

The passion for watches between tradition, values ​​and philosophy

For non-connoisseurs, wearing a watch is simply a matter of “keeping the time”. For enthusiasts, it is more a question of identity that each model reflects or that each brand affirms. A watch has its own language, with its messages and stories. It is also used to show a particular taste or belonging to a large family.

The purchase of a Marc Jacobs is therefore not only an aesthetic preference but can reflect a philosophy. The collection of this former artistic director at Louis Vuitton embodies audacity and originality. The inscription “The Marc Jacob’s” is easily spotted as a code of honor for connoisseurs.

The watch has given up its status as a fashion accessory since the advent of luxury watchmaking. Collectors are multiplying and watchmaking houses are constantly imposing themselves on the market. Result: a Hugo Boss on the wrist undoubtedly evokes success and self-confidence. In the professional world, the watch embodies a real clue to the tastes and requirements of the wearer. With Hugo Boss’s “Don’t imitate, innovate” slogan, the message speaks for itself for businessmen and working girls.

The world of watchmaking is considered the time indicator par excellence. In many families, the watch symbolizes a heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. It becomes an object with strong sentimental value, witness to a cultural and family heritage. It is then a real investment, especially for collectors of the biggest brands and enthusiasts of legendary models.

The watch, a fashionable and chic ally for women

For some, it is just one accessory among many others. For the more knowledgeable, it embodies elegance and self-knowledge. Indeed, the watch on the wrist says a lot about the personality. In addition, the right choice can be recognized, for example, by the dial adapted to the wrist. The chic it gives to the outfit also makes it an essential ally for formal evenings. In addition, the watch is enough on its own to sublimate a look. For women, it replaces all other jewelry. In the professional context, it is revealing of personality. In this sense, it is essential to buy your watch on chic time. Since 2005, this specialist in major brands has offered a rich selection for women and all tastes. Looking for a contemporary, timeless and classic model? 10,000 references are available there.

Daniel Wellington is one of the leading watch brands for women. The collections inspire refinement and minimalism, without lacking in charm. Born from a chance meeting of a Swede with an Englishman, the brand has become a reference today. Moreover, interchangeable bracelets remain one of its signatures. Having a panoply of them means having an infinite possibility of outfits and occasions. Design is also one of the main strengths of Daniel Wellington watches, elegantly combining tradition and timeless style. The most popular on Chic Time are the Black York Silver, Classic Shiefield and Bristol collections.

The watch is also a personality index for a gentleman

For men, the watch is also a sign of elegance and personality. The opportunities abound to dress the wrist. If the Casio Vintage in black resin is the prerogative of sportsmen, the Diesel Uber Chief is the essential of modern outfits. A seductive asset par excellence, the watch lends itself to all styles: casual, elegant or formidable business man.

Michael Kors is a major brand with key references on Chic Time. Among them, it is possible to find models from Runway, Lexington or Mercer. The designer, whose talent for fashion manifested itself from his early childhood, knew how to stand out. Its collections reflect a permanent quest for timelessness. For him, design also embodies a true sense of elegance with details that make all the difference. To wear a Michael Kors watch is to join the followers of naturalness and sophistication. How ? Through skilfully researched styles, inspired by the genius of the American designer.

The vast universe of watches offers everyone the chance to find the one that matches their personality and values. Thus, the large selection for men is full of brands that have their respective codes. These are, for example, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Guess or Lacoste. Some 350,000 customers trust the Chic Time catalogue. In addition, the specialized store offers up to 60% reduction on watches, all year round.

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