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new electricity tariffs to come by the end of September 2022

As energy prices soar, the French are worried as the coldest time of the year approaches. On Sunday September 13, 2022, Agnès Pannier-Runacher – who is at the head of the Ministry of Energy Transition – made reassuring revelations.

Guest of the show The Grand Jurybroadcast on RTLthe Minister recalled that beyond the renewal of the tariff shield, new tariffs will be presented by the main players in the sector shortly.

Rise in energy prices: new tariffs to be expected

She says in effect: Major energy companies, such as EDF, Engie, Total, etc. have finalized or are in the process of making proposals for tariff changes “.

It has been established that these new consumption tariffs will be based on the system off-peak/peak hours. Agnès Pannier-Runacher specifies that they will be offered ” during the month of September “.

Suppliers were also asked to promote these new, more attractive prices; so that new consumers are informed. This could go through a letter sent to everyone.

The various actions implemented by the government

For the time being, future price changes have not yet been specified. But it shouldn’t take too long! The Minister also took advantage of her appearance on RTL to recall that the actions implemented by the government have so far made a difference.

Still according to Agnès Pannier-Runacher, without the tariff shield, “ the increase should have been ten times greater “. Once again, the implementation of these new tariffs should make it possible to limit the damage.

As revealed Pointthere is still one last lever for the government: that of energy check. The head of the Ministry of Energy Transition explained “ work on various hypotheses […] to be better targeted “.

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After an exceptional payment at the end of 2021, details are expected regarding this new aid to deal with soaring energy prices. Case to follow.

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