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ruined and in debt of 2 million euros, the host says he is at the “end of financial life”

The host is in a difficult financial situation for several years. He accumulated a debt of more than two million euros. Difficulties that he finds it difficult to live with and that he bluntly evokes on the set of Touche Pas à Mon Poste.

“It’s dead, I will be at the end of my financial life in 15 days, I will be in cessation of payments. You can’t shear an egg, so the money, when there’s more, there’s more… I have a deadline that I won’t be able to honor since I had a friend who had offered me a surety that he wouldn’t didn’t make me. » he explains on C8 to his columnist friends and viewers.

Cyril Hanouna refused to stand surety

To repay his debts, Benjamin Castaldi needed a loan of around €500,000. But on condition of having a guarantor who stands surety. He did ask his friend and boss Cyril Hanouna, but this one clearly refused and let it be known on the air.

“No, do you really think I’m going to offer you some sorrel?” It’s not believable at all. You asked me, and then I went on vacation and forgot” thus declared the star presenter of TPMP. The pill is hard to swallow for someone who rose to fame by presenting the reality TV show, Loft Story, on M6, in the early 2000s.

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Debts that don’t date from yesterday

However, he does not want Cyril Hanouna who had offered him, in 2016, a position as a columnist on his show before giving him more responsibilities. ” He saved my life. When you are an animator who has no more job and a guy reaches out to you and says “come with me”, that he pays you well and that he trusts you when you are not necessarily the best of columnists but that you are a good soldier, that is why I am even more grateful to him. » he told the show Chez Jordan, for Entertainment TV.

His financial problems are not recent. He lived the high life during his heyday when he was hired at TF1 between 2006 and 2014. He presented shows like Secret Story or VIP Languages. At the time, he was earning more than a million euros a year, which he hastened to spend leading the high life: casinos, palaces and traveling by helicopter.

To this will be added a scam of which he was the victim in 2010 and 3 divorces that will leave him on the straw. Despite everything, he hangs on and continues to do what he does best: work for the small screen. Today, the grandson of Yves Montand and Simone Signoret devotes most of his salary to repaying his debt.

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