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RuPaul’s incredible looks

To talk about RuPaul is to talk about a true living legend. Cinema, music, influence and television: nothing can resist the “mom” of all drag queens. But behind the sequins actually hides a militant character, who works tirelessly for the LGBT cause. Indeed, since the beginning of his career, RuPaul has fought tirelessly to democratize sensitive subjects among the general public. If the competition DragRace contributes greatly to its action, RuPaul also knows how to get involved on many other levels.

What makes RuPaul so successful? Cleverly dosed humour, unparalleled freedom of tone but also ultra-worked looks! Indeed, this queen of the catwalks never ceases to captivate us with sharp outfits, often paying homage to other icons. Because RuPaul is a well of knowledge! No highlight of pop culture escapes him. So much so that famous creators around the world love collaborating with him, on the catwalks and on the small screen.

RuPaul: a living fashion legend!

Throughout the seasons of DragRace, RuPaul has often paid homage to the 7th art. But what the drag queen loves above all is slipping into the shoes of her favorite icons. It’s no secret: she adores Diana Ross, the great figures of disco and the stars of modern pop. Already in the cinema, RuPaul shone by presenting audacious dresses, sometimes bling-bling, but always at the top of the trend. The legend is not about to die out and the “drag of all drags” is still likely to surprise us in the coming years!


Thanks to our slideshow, you will (re)discover RuPaul’s iconic looks. Clever, tendentious, provocative or fashionable: drag outfits always hit the mark. We do not become a model by chance and this retrospective will prove it to you. So, to use the words of the queen herself: iit’s time to fashion for your life!

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