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She compares Olaplex hair care (29€) and her dupe Aldi (3€), the result is good for her wallet

It is not easy to find THE miracle remedy to regain beautiful hair. If your lengths are damaged and your ends are brittle, or even have forks…few options are available to you. In particular, you can go to the hairdresser to cut the part of your hair that is damaged, or you can treat yourself to the range Olaplex.

Olaplex care products have already proven themselves more than once. The brand is indeed renowned for being able to repair hair, even the most damaged. For this, the Olaplex protocol includes different products corresponding to several distinct steps.

A miracle mask for (very) damaged hair

First, we use the spray No. 0 Intensive Bond Building on the entire hair to then prepare it to receive the treatments. Leave to act for 10 minutes then apply THE treatment, the famous No. 3 Hair Perfector, the one that does real little miracles. Let it sit again for 10 minutes. Then, we make the shampoo No. 4, and we finish with the application of the conditioner No. 5.

Results ? Our hair is like denser, full of care, very shiny and necessarily softer. However, this has a price! All of these Olaplex treatments are sold at the price of €102.80 (including 29.90 euros for the famous N°3 treatment). To our delight, Aldi is currently marketing a perfect dupe of the Olaplex product line, under the brand Lacuraand in particular the N°3 pre-shampoo mask.

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The test result!

Sold approximately at the price of 3 euros at Aldi, does the dupe N°3 treatment offer the same results as the Olaplex mask sold at almost 30 euros at Sephora ? To find out, a journalist from the Liverpool ECHO newspaper personally made the comparison. Emily first specifies the composition of Lacura products. “The hair treatment found at Aldi incorporates quality ingredients, including vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and castor oil hydrogenated”. Reassuring!

Then comes the moment of the test itself, and finally of the first impressions. “I have used Olaplex N°3 for many years and can honestly say that the Aldi Lacura hair treatment is exactly the same”, she assured regarding the aspect of care. As for the results: “the Lacura treatment is much better than I expected, but some aspects were missing. When I rinse the Olaplex treatment in the shower, my hair is almost instantly soft and silky; with the Aldi product, it took a while,” she noted. Emily finally clarified that the treatment offered by Aldi is very good if you are looking for an affordable Olaplex dupe since it offers almost the same effects.

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