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the surprising anecdote about the queen consort’s pearl necklace

On September 9, the new King Charles III and the Queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles arrived in London. It is of course at Buckingham Palace that the royal couple will now live as new sovereigns of the United Kingdom. As they got out of the car, the former Prince of Wales was seen in a black suit. The couple wore, in fact, each their own mourning outfit following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the arms of her husband, Camilla Parker Bowles wore a long black dress. To accompany her mourning attire, the new queen consort had put on a pearl necklace. This jewel is not like any of her necklaces since it has a very important sentimental meaning for her. We see her wearing it on very few occasions.

The pearl necklace Camilla Parker Bowles has sentimental value

This famous necklace, Camilla Parker Bowles wore it for her first official outing with her husband, the King Charles III. She and the princes’ father were pictured on the outing, on the 50th birthday of Camilla Parker Bowles’ sister Annabel Elliot. We saw the new sovereign with this jewel around her neck. According to sources close to the royal family, this necklace would be the favorite of the new queen consort.

The fact that Camilla Parker Bowles wearing this necklace on that first official date isn’t the only reason for its sentimental value. The pearl necklace is especially her favorite, as it belonged to her mother, the Honorable Rosalind Cubitt. Camilla Parker Bowles is the eldest of three children of Major Bruce Shand (1917-2006) and the Honorable Rosalind Cubitt (1921-1994). She grew up in London, where she attended Queen’s Gate School in South Kensington until she was 16.

the Pearl necklace with three rows is composed of white pearls and a huge aquamarine. It is also set in yellow gold and ten diamonds. This jewel inherited from her mother is very sentimental for her. We imagine that it is for this reason that she wore it for her first official outing with the father of the princes in 1999. During their honeymoon, it is also a necklace with three rows of pearls that she had on her neck , that one was closed by six garnets.

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Pearls, indulgence of Queen Camilla Parker Bowles

The new queen consort has a large collection of pearl necklaces. It can be said that pearl beads are the sweet sin of Camilla Parker Bowles since she has about fifteen! From the most chic to the most sober, the new queen has jewels made up of pearls, white or black. We have also seen natural, cultured or freshwater pearls around her neck.

The most remarkable necklace in the collection of Camilla Parker Bowles is made of five rows of pristine pearls, a pink topaz and a multitude of diamonds. It is a jewel of the Edwardian era. It is said to have been bought by the new King Charles III at an auction in 2000. In her jewelry box, the Queen also has two notable necklaces. One is made of pearls accompanied by diamonds and a sapphire. The other is studded with rubies.

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