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Your daily horoscope for Monday, September 12, 2022

The first day of the week is on fire with the Moon in the sign of Aries following the gentle Full Moon in Pisces.

She will be in a sign of the fire element and in harmonic aspect with Saturn and Mars. It could therefore help us structure our emotions and push us to action for the realization of our desires.

Beautiful day under the blue sky…

Daily horoscope for Monday, September 12, 2022: love, health, work…


The Moon crosses your constellation today. It gives you strength and motivation to start the week. Take advantage of the mental energy that the cosmos gives you today to move your work forward and optimize your week!


After the intense full moon in Pisces, the star of the night is today in your house of the subconscious, asking you for an active update of certain emotions. It is, during the day, ideal for a sentimental sorting!


If you have friction with friends or colleagues, play it down. The Moon in Aries makes you emotionally intense, and Jupiter continues to make an opposition to your ruling planet, Mercury in retrograde, which makes you talk too much. Calm down and breathe!


Lilith, the Black Moon will test you today. She wants to know if you are capable of rebelling against what the gaze of others imposes on you. In terms of independence, all means are good to achieve your ends.


You might be somewhat neglecting your financial resources right now. With Neptune opposite your guiding star, the Sun, in your financial realm, it would be ideal to keep an eye on this aspect. Start today.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, although retrograde, will be accelerated somewhat by contact with the Moon in Aries in the morning. Try to dispel your doubts before speaking without knowing why, because such an aspect could destabilize you.


You might feel a bit bored with your significant other or romantic target today. The Moon may not balance certain aspects of your love life on this day, causing you to lose patience. Relax, and you’ll be fine.


Your mind is creative, imaginative and very prolific right now. Use the momentum of the Moon in Aries today in your astrological zone of work to improve your professional future.


Your planetary guide, Jupiter and the Moon in your astrological house of expression and creativity will inspire you to give a little more of yourself today. There is incredible potential lying dormant within you and today the planets are aligning for you to release it.


The Moon is in very harmonious dialogue with your planetary ruler, Saturn, today. Yes, you guessed it, this type of contact can bring you rock solid emotional stability. Use it to make the important decisions that you have pending and thus move forward with confidence.


Your spirit is very sharp today. You will be able to catch up on current affairs and start the week with satisfaction. Take advantage of the energy of the Moon in Aries which will be a great driving force throughout the day.

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Today, you can gently explore the meaning of self-love when the Sun and Moon call upon you. Try to take some time for yourself, and do yourself some good after the Full Moon in your sign has revealed your invaluable value.

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