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10 women’s makeup ideas for beginners

Halloween is coming very quickly. So, in addition to watching horror movies to prepare for the big day, there is also a major question to ask: what makeup should you choose on October 31, 2022?

Finding easy Halloween makeup inspiration is within everyone’s reach. However, finding one that doesn’t require professional artist level skills? It’s not that simple. It’s the one time of year when you can do it all makeup-wise, and yet it can feel a little confusing deciding which look will look best on you.

So we scoured social media to find some of the quirkiest and easiest Halloween makeup looks you can create at home. From Bridgeton and Euphoria to more traditional options like a glamorous mermaid or clown, we’ve rounded up a dozen ideas for your Halloween makeup for all skill levels.

Halloween 2022: the easiest makeup to achieve

Desi Perkins

The influencer explains that she first applied a makeup base. Then she put stickers of the “Face Lace” mark on one side of his face and on his neck to look like a skinless skull.

A glamorous and scary clown

The clown remains the most popular choice for Halloween, so why not reinvent it thanks to influencer Danielle Marcan? She posted her step-by-step tutorial on Instagram.


If all you have at home to polish your disguise is black clothes. This vampire makeup with cobweb eyes is perfect for you. It’s super simple to do.

All it takes is to draw a few lines from below your eye all the way down to the top of your cheekbone (with black eyeliner) and connect them with an upside down “u”. Add a red lip and chiseled teeth and voila!

Any Bridgerton character

Each Bridgerton character can provide a classic Halloween look that’s incredibly easy to achieve. Indeed, makeup requires a minimum of effort. It’s all in the hairstyle with a bun and a superb empire dress.

70s disco queen

For this ultra glamorous look you will only need sequins and rhinestones. You can take inspiration from this make-up artist @PaintedbyEsther and layer rhinestones for the face over a neon eyeliner to give the lids a disco ball look.


Euphoria quickly rose to fame for her incredible and extravagant makeup looks. Doniella Davy, the show’s makeup artist, created a wealth of inspiration throughout the episodes. Especially with Maddy Perez. Here, the process is rather simple: we apply eye shadow that we surround with rhinestones for a super glamorous look!

Ursula the Witch in The Little Mermaid

For a terrifying look, Ursula won’t disappoint! If you want to recreate the look of Disney’s most popular villainess, it’s not that hard. Apply purple eyeshadow (or even face paint) all over your face and contour with a darker shade.

Tornado, X-Men

This Halloween makeup is mostly about the hair. Find a white/platinum silver wig and you’re almost there! For your makeup, you can go glam like influencer @MakeupbyShayla, or go natural like Halle Berry’s portrayal in the X-Men movies. Either way, your look will be operational with blue/white contact lenses.

Beth Harmon, Checkers Game

Checkers is one of the most popular Netflix series, so capturing the beauty of Beth Harmon could be a great idea for your Halloween makeup. And it’s pretty simple! All you have to do is apply white eyeliner to the lower lash line to recreate Anna Taylor-Joy’s big eyes then draw an exaggerated cupid’s bow and top it all off with a red and short wig!

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Wednesday Addams

This look by @ludmilamua immediately reminds us of Wednesday Addams. For contouring, opt for a cool-toned bronzer for a more corpse-like finish and apply it under your eyes as well. A black lipstick is also a must for this look. To top it off, it would be fair to style your hair with Wednesday’s signature braids.

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