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Angèle goes dark-haired and doesn’t look like that at all anymore

Since we have known her, Angèle has had platinum blond hair. With his face ofangel and his voice to match, the blond suits him very well. However, the singer has decided to make a change! Yes, she has dark its color !

The interpreter of Swing your what looked very girly. With her pretty face, her feminine outfits and her platinum blonde hair, she could even have passed herself off as a Barbie. However, Angèle decided to change her mind. And a visit to the hairdresser will have surprised his fans!

In the photo posted by her hairdresser, Angèle has much darker hair! We stay in the blonde, which suits him beautifully, but we can say that it’s hell of a change. Internet users are won over by this new coloring. Mission successful for the pretty blonde!

Angèle started a great career

Angèle is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter. His first album, brolwas released in October 2018. This one is certified double diamond disc ! Indeed, it sold over 500,000 copies just eleven months after its release. Sacred success for the pretty blonde!

The singer releases her second album in 2021. She calls him Ninety-Five, a nod to his homeland, Belgium. And this second album by Angèle is also a huge success. The pretty blonde is very talented, and the fans have understood it!

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Angèle has music in her blood

Daughter of singer Mara and actress Laurence Bibot, she already had the soul of an artist when she was little. His brother is the rapper Roméo Elvis, which confirms that music is in the family! In fact, it was her father who encouraged Angèle to play piano. This is also the basis of her musical career, according to her.

In 2020, the beautiful blonde wins the music victory concert of the year for his Brol Tour. And it looks like his career is just beginning! Angèle began by posting occasions on social networks. She then provided the first parts of several artists before releasing an album and launching his career in earnest.

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