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Goat log, Sainte-Maure… these cheeses should not be eaten

A new product recall is underway in many supermarkets. This time, several brands are concerned. Indeed, this Friday, September 9, the official site of ReminderConso warned about the cheese logs goat cheese sold everywhere in France by different brands. Among the latter, there is in particular the famous company President.

Certain foodstuffs sold in supermarkets can sometimes turn out to be dangerous. To preserve the consumer health, the RappelConso platform was launched in France to identify recalls of dangerous or defective products. For each product recall, the consumer therefore has access to lots of information on these reminders. He can thus see, in detail, the different steps to follow to return a product that is the subject of a recall.

14 sticks of goat cheese affected by the recall

14 sticks goat cheese are currently being recalled. In question ? The potential presence of foreign bodies. The series affected by the recall includes cheeses marketed since August 16, 2022. The government site calls on consumers not to eat them at risk of injury. The involuntary ingestion of metalglass of plastic or textiles can be dangerous here.

It is the Cheese Company of Riblairebased in Deux-Sèvres, which spontaneously decided to launch this recall campaign. The latter concerns the whole of France and most distribution brands. The cheeses in question are numerous since marketed under many brands. Among them, there are in particular President, Les Croisés, MonoprixLeader Price, Casino, FranprixCrossroads, Chêne d’Argent, U or Pasture.

Located in the heart of Poitou, the Riblaire cheese dairy produces and refines emblematic goat cheeses. It includes in particular the famous yule log and the log of goat. the cheese is, moreover, one of the products most consumed by the French. In effect, 96% of consumers regularly eat this food. The goat also holds a good place in the shopping cart. 24 million 200g Sainte-Maure logs were sold in 2020, i.e. one log every second.

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The list of products to be returned shared by RappelConso

The maximum durability date of the products affected by the recall is October 10, 2022. However, people who hold these cheeses are asked not to eat them and to destroy themor take back to store for a repayment. The end date of the recall procedure is extended to Tuesday September 20, 2022. You can go tosupermarket reception near your home. The latter will be able to answer all your questions.

All 14 products and batches that present a hazard are listed on the RappelConso website. To stay informed of the foodstuffs concerned by the recalls, the account Twitter of the platform is also a good tool. Indeed, the RappelConso site tweets as soon as a product must be returned. A good way to stay informed and to be able to access all the information without having to too much research.

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