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here are the 10 products that have increased the most in recent weeks

It’s no secret. Prices are rising and you just have to go with your shopping cart to the supermarket checkout to realize it. This increase has multiple causes but is one of the main consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the energy crisis ensuing.

In an article published this Tuesday, September 12, the newspaper The Dispatch studies the results of a report by the IRI, which specializes in the analysis of purchases of everyday consumer products. This details the main increases and the products concerned. Suffice to say that there are surprises in this galloping inflation.

Unexpected increases

At the top of the list of products that have seen their prices soar, we find first of all the meats frozen at +28.74% and chopped (fresh department) at +21.82%. The reason is twofold: repercussion of the price of animal feed and the cost of energy. Always linked to the increase in grain pricesthem Pasta took + 19.78% and the ready meals made from pasta and household pasta (pie dough) followed with 17% more on the bill.

It is more surprising for food packaging (+18.35%), tissues (+18.21%) and thepaper towels (+16.69%). In fact, the paper industry is a large consumer of energy and in particular of gas. The energy resource has seen its price explode this year, repercussions of the European sanctions imposed on Russia. Also on the list: roasted coffees (+16.01%) and margarines (+16.38%).

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Big brands get involved

Faced with this price spikethe behemoths of the distribution come out the great means. Several of them have undertaken to freeze prices on everyday consumer products. It is of course a excellent opportunity to communicate on their desire to keep the purchasing power of their customers intact.

Carrefour with 100 products whose price is blocked for 100 days, Intermarché with 500 products at less than €1, Leclerc and its anti-inflation shield, all compete in initiatives to help consumers get through this difficult time. More recently, Casino announced that it had locked in the price of 500 products until early December. Pending the results of these actions, the consequences of these increases are heavily felt in household wallets. According to a recent INSEE study, FMCG saw their price increase by 5.8% in August compared to August 2022.

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