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She washes her hair with onion water for 6 years, the result is really stunning

We would be ready for anything (or almost) to wear gorgeous hair. The craziest tricks circulate on social networks. On TikTok, it’s the race to find the best natural recipe for hair shiny, soft and supple. So, there are the girls who have decided to stop washing their hair, those who use vinegar…

Then, a completely wacky new technique has just arrived on instagram. Neither seen nor known, it is Cardi B who revealed her funny beauty tip for dream hair. It was during the summer, in August, that the American rapper decided to share her ultimate secret for hair as shiny as hers. And it must be said that his method is more than strange.

Onion water for longer and very shiny hair

Cardi B posted a carousel on Instagram with two different photos of her hair. On the first, she poses from behind and reveals long, frizzy hair. Then, in the second image, we discover her with incredibly smooth, shiny and visibly soft hair. His hidden secret? She cleans them with onion water !

Yes, you read that right: Cardi B washes her hair with onion waterand it started a long time ago. “For my last two washes, I boiled onions and then used the water to clean my hair. I already used to do this 6 years ago when I started wanting to grow my hair”she said in the caption of the photo.

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A hair tip validated by experts

Unfortunately, Cardi B did not continue and the reason is very simple! “I stopped because I was lazy”. However, she says the effects are incredible. This offers incredibly shiny hair, and above all, if that is your fear: “It doesn’t leave an odor on the hair”. But what do the experts think? Is onion water a real miracle trick to find beautiful hair?

Arran Sherwood, hair specialist at FUE Clinics, told the New York Post that indeed “onions have different properties that help to (…) have healthier hair”. As a bonus, he revealed that this vegetable was rich in sulfur, which allowed the regeneration of hair follicles. “Onions also have antibacterial properties that keep the scalp free from infection, allowing for unhindered hair growth”, he added. In short, we all go to onion water to find long, shiny and healthy hair!

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