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the most beautiful models of fall 2022

The long denim skirt becomes trendy again for fall 2022

As the modosphere begins its journey to Fashion Week to find out what next summer’s fashions will be made of, there is one fashion trend that style experts have packed in their suitcases: the long denim skirt. Therefore, the time is over for the Miu Miu-inspired micro-skirt, until a new era reconsiders it. Now we have to rely on the denim skirt at calf (or even ankle) height to step up in style.

A split denim skirt to elongate your silhouette

If we trust the opinion of our fashion journalist, the stylists, the celebrities as well as the novelties in the fall-winter 2022 collections, the star models of the season have a common characteristic. And for good reason, the back to school trend turns to the long slit denim skirts. A fashion detail allowing those who wear them to considerably lengthen their legs and slim their figure, even with sneakers.

Denim skirt: where to buy the most beautiful models in 2022?

Among the followers of fall 2022 fashion trends ? The sparkling Scandinavian Emili Sindlev, who has become inseparable from her long Khaite denim skirt. What to compete with maxi skirt Slvrlake, for which various personalities have fallen in love, but also the Djerf Avenue denim skirt, worn by the designer of her eponymous brand, Mathilda Djerf. In writing, we approve just as much of the Ganni patchwork denim skirt, the Isabel Marant topstitched skirt, the Iro slit skirt or the MAX&CO pleated denim skirt.

Which long denim skirt to wear according to your morphology?

It all depends on the circumstances, and even on its morphology if you want to enhance your look with valuable advice. If you have a belly, curves, or a straight morpho called “H”, it is better to bet on a normal waist denim skirt to enhance your curves. If you have a flat stomach, a marked waist, or a morpho in 8, X or A, the ideal is to bet on a high waist.

How to dress well with a long denim skirt?

For fall 2022, the long denim skirt is worn with flat or heeled boots. Cowboy boots or riding boots during the day, and kitten heel boots (with small heels) in the evening to achieve unanimity. The idea is to prefer to associate it with high boots rather than ankle boots to lengthen the leg and not cut it.

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What top with a denim skirt?

As for tops, during the day we like to wear a long denim skirt with chic-casual clothes (oversized shirt, tailor-style bustier) or sportswear-inspired (hoodie, sporty t-shirt)… The important thing is to focus on originality.

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