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this drama that occurred during his marriage to Anna Karina from which he never recovered

The seventh art loses one of its emblems. Jean-Luc Godard died on Tuesday September 13 at the age of 91. Known as one of the most prolific directors of his generation, the representative of the Nouvelle-Vague is at the origin of masterpieces such as Pierrot le Fou, Contempt or Breathless.

Still, Jean-Luc Godard remains inseparable from his muse, Anna Karina, whom he married in 1961 before divorcing seven years later. It must be said that the couple, struck by a terrible tragedy, had all the trouble in the world to recover.

Jean-Luc Godard: this drama that shook him during his marriage to Anna Karina

And for good reason, Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina have lost a child, as related by the actress in an interview relayed by our colleagues from Closer : “ The filming of A woman is a woman was a success. I didn’t know I was pregnant.”

After the film, I gave birth to a dead fetus at seven months. I never got over it. It was our tragedy. I spent a lot of time in the hospital those years, she whispered. Jean-Luc and I passed each other in the ambulances.

“It’s still very upsetting for me”

A trauma from which the couple will never really recover. Especially since, having been poorly cared for, Anna Karina will never again be able to get pregnant. “It’s still very upsetting for me,” she explained in this regard in the columns of Release.

Gradually, their relationship begins to fall apart. “We loved each other very much. But it was complicated to live with himthe actress told AFP in March 2018. He was someone who could say ‘I’m going to get some cigarettes’ and then come back three weeks later. It was a time when there were no smartphones or answering machines. “.

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“He is always in my heart, and will remain so for life”

An untenable situation that will eventually get the better of their love. Despite their separation, the two acolytes will however continue to tour together…. at least for a while. Remarried twice, Anna Karina will never forget her first love.

He says I’m ancient history, but to me he’s still in my heart, and will be for life »thus assured the one who, apart from a six-page letter sent more than twenty years after their breakup, will ultimately never hear from her lover again.

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