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This grandmother is disappointed with the sex of the baby and accuses her stepson, he puts her in her place

If the discovery of the sex of the baby is for some parents a real joy, for others, it can be synonymous with disappointment… Sometimes, it is the family who gets involved and who makes their comments! That’s what happened to that angry dad.

Aged 34, the latter tells on the community site Reddit the conflict created by the discovery of the sex of her last child in her family. Already happy parents of two beautiful girls “, the couple learns to expect a third.

As relayed magic momthe dad’s reaction was playful: It’s a girl. Still. No problem, I love girls and I’m more than happy and impatient “, did he declare. Only here, the news unfortunately did not delight everyone…

Discovery of the sex of the baby: My mother-in-law looked disappointed »

Indeed, the fulfilled dad continues: “ We visited my in-laws to make the announcement after dinner. We were all at the table when my wife announced the gender of the baby. My stepmom looked disappointed and didn’t even try to hide it “.

At first, he relativizes by declaring: “ It’s not serious ! Disappointment at the announcement of sex, or whatever you call it, is not serious. People are allowed to have feelings they can’t control, right? »

Unfortunately, the story did not end there. The father continues: [Ma belle-mère] looked at me and said, ‘A girl? Again….. There seems to be a problem, you know that men are responsible for the baby’s gender, right?’ »

girl or boy sex baby

Girl or boy : “ Why would their gender matter? »

The dad could not help but retort, not without a touch of humor: ” No problem, really, they are children, why would their gender matter? I don’t foresee them having inbred children! »

The dinner ended on a strange note. The man continues: My wife then received phone calls from her angry mother, telling her that I had embarrassed and humiliated her with the ‘stupid joke’ I had made at the table. […] She suggested that I apologize to her mother and talk to her, but I refused. “.

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In the comments, the dad received the support of Internet users who believe that he reacted perfectly. One of them argues: To say that a man is ‘responsible’ for the sex of the baby is an absurd view of biology […] There is no concept of responsibility. And she was making it clear that it was somehow your fault “.

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