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this new way of applying it that will make him crack for sure

The trend doe eye is the new way to apply eyeliner. She looks back bright, candid and filled with sweetness. If you were struggling with these brushes, good news, this look is very accessible. The new fall 2022 makeup trend is very easy to adopt, even for beginners.

On TikTok, the trend fall makeup doe eye has a huge success. A video from @sarahnewsfx particularly caught the eye. It has been viewed by no less than 480.8 million times. As for Instagram, the topic eyeliner was the subject of more than 66,469 posts.


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Eyeliner: an application technique for round, candid and naive eyes

Recently, it is rather the mermaid look that was on the front of the stage. For the new season which is fast approaching, make way for doe eyes! The “foxy eyes” and “siren eyes” lengthen the gaze, stretching horizontally, to infinity. The doe’s eye, him, rounds and looks candid.

It is thanks to a game of contrasts, simple and quick to make, that the eyeliner technique enlarges the eye. With this technique, you will adopt a naive and sexy look. It’s a very nice style to adopt to change from the wild and feline aspect of older techniques. The doe’s eye gives a soft and seductive look, inspired by the looks of dolls.

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How to achieve this fall’s trendy eyeliner technique

To achieve fall 2022 makeup on your own eye contour, you will need some materials. Do not panic however, nothing very particular. This is what we appreciate with this eyeliner technique, it is doable with everything we already have in our current kits.

The makeup accessories you need to create the doe eye:

  • A black eyeliner
  • A white kohl pencil
  • A bronzing powder (or a light eyeshadow, in light brown tones)
  • Highlighter or very light eyeshadow
  • A medium sized shadow brush
  • An eyelash brush
  • A curling black mascara
  • Optional: a few false eyelashes (individual or in tufts)

Regarding the eyeliner, always take a model that you master the use.

The doe eye eyeliner technique, the instructions in steps

  1. With the medium shade brush, apply the bronzer above the crease of the upper eyelid.
  2. Apply a white kohl pencil to the lower lining of the eye, called the waterline, to enlarge the look.
  3. With the eyelash brush, also apply sun powder under the eye.
  4. Draw a fairly thick line of eyeliner, without stretching it outwards, in order to round off the look.
  5. Place a touch of illuminator or very light shadow with your finger in the center of the upper mobile eyelid, as well as in its inner corner.
  6. Apply curling mascara in a vertical movement, from bottom to top, following the natural implantation of the eyelashes, without trying to stretch them on the sides.
  7. Possibly apply a few false eyelashes for a more dramatic effect.

The trick is played, normally your gaze has become much more candid and soft!

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