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A 54-year-old man is robbed of 128,000 euros by a fake bank, beware of this well-established scam

It is a terrible misadventure that relates The Parisian ; that of an inhabitant of the Oise now considered as one victim among many others of a well-crafted scam, which we must be wary of more than ever! The latter is called “ clone to real bank by specialists.

Despite all his checks, this 54-year-old man of a rather suspicious nature was taken in. No less than 128,000 euros were stolen from him, i.e. all of his savings in just a few phone calls.

What is the “scam” clone to real bank “, which makes hundreds of victims?

For the defrauded fifty-something, it all starts in November 2021. He is first contacted by a person posing as a bank advisor. The latter introduces himself and praises the merits of investing in a savings plan and high-yield shares (Airbnb and La Française des jeux).

Doubtful, the man will not be convinced right away and will take the time to carry out several checks before starting. For example, he will ensure that the “advisor’s” banking establishment is serious by consulting the SIRET number associated with it.

Reassured, he ends up agreeing. He then receives a link as well as a personal account in the bank in question. The trap closes. So far, so good, but the victim will quickly realize that it is actually a scam…

Indeed, when the man tries to sell his shares, he understands that he was trapped despite the precautions taken. He can no longer connect to his account or contact any correspondent. These are 128,000 euros that evaporate in nature.

45 million euros in total damage

If this scam is so difficult to detect, it is because fake personal spaces are created on the sites of real hacked online banks. For these reasons, many are fooled, even the most suspicious!

The victim has filed a complaint and is awaiting the results of the investigation. Despite this, it seems that there is little hope that she can get her money back. As revealed by the Consumer Defense Association, in 2021, 800 people fell into the trap.

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It would seem that the scam continues to make victims… In total, no less than 45 million euros have been defrauded with this well-crafted scam. Caution !

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