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a conjunction of the Moon will strongly affect the emotions of these 3 signs

Today, the Moon transiting the sign of Taurus, will make a beautiful conjunction with the planet of freedom and independence, Uranus, which has been in the same sign for several months now. This will be a great opportunity to strengthen your sense of freedom.

Astro: Uranus in Taurus, quesaco?

This conjunction takes place once a month. It should be a must for all of us to work on detachment with the help of this planet that demands independence and renewal. During this celestial movement, sudden ideas should be taken seriously, so seize the opportunity and express them. It is important that you communicate and that you are not held back by tradition or the norms of your society, if they stand in the way of change.

Uranus, which is currently in the sign of Taurus, is a planetary position, particularly mobilizing, because Taurus is an earth sign that likes stability and is not a follower of change or of leaving its comfort zone. This implies that this is a time when old structures need to be modernized for optimal continuity.

It is best to act on instinct during this period, as all psychic abilities are stimulated. Overthinking or trying to be patient will not be easy, Uranus being an element that precipitates action.

Horoscope: which signs will feel this conjunction most intensely?

They are three and you will have to make the most of the energy to be able to obtain changes at the emotional level. Want to know if yours is one of them?


This energy with the Moon and Uranus in your constellation will be very intense for you. Take the opportunity to show your most original side and dare to do things you are not used to allowing yourself. Although it may be difficult, the two stars will ask you to exercise a little detachment from your habits.


Misconceptions about how you should do your job keep you from getting the best out of yourself. Be original and think today about how to be more free in your own way. The Moon and Uranus in your sixth house will give you the boost you need to unleash your creativity.


The way you were brought up allowed you a lot, but certain aspects of your past life block the blossoming of new virtues in your personality. Don’t close yourself to the unknown. Enjoy exploring new possibilities that are unlike you.

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Why will today’s conjunction be so positive?

The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus in the constellation of Taurus will be given this time with a very positive astrological figure, called “major triangle”. The two stars will make a beneficial double aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Virgo. This super aspect involving the 3 earth signs will give discipline and determination to your psyche to effect the necessary transformations in your life.

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