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a microphone hidden under her dress to betray Kate and William? “Of course not”

Since her marriage to Prince Harry, the actress has been strongly criticized. Meghan Markle is far, very far from unanimous, especially since the announcement of her documentary coming. Indeed, the young woman is constantly the victim of criticism, and Internet users do not go there with tweezers. And it is his outfit this Saturday, September 10 that stirs up hatred, this time.

The actress and her husband went to the windsor castle to welcome the bereaved. Meghan Markle wore a simple black dress for the occasion. And some folds of it would have worried internet users. Immediately they have scandalized : according to them, Meghan Markle wore a microphone under her dress.

Internet users do not approve of Meghan Markle

One person said on Twitter: “INFECT! Meghan Markle wears a microphone at Queen Elizabeth’s FUNERAL. All this to gather information for Netflix and Spotify. No wonder she was NOT invited to the queen’s deathbed. »

Following this tweet, a user decided to outbid. We can read : “Meghan would wear a microphone for a colonoscopy if she thought she could sell it to Netflix. » And these allegations woke up the web. The hatred of internet users seems to have no limit when it comes to Meghan Markle.

In another Twitter, a person is shocked. We read : “Did Meghan Markle wear a microphone to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral? If that is the case, Markle should NEVER be invited to a royal event again !! » The craziest theories are circulating on the Internet.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William targeted?

Many people are on the side of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Indeed, according to Internet users, the couple would have been the target of this espionage. However, the team of Meghan Markle wanted to respond. They were contacted by the American media Page Six.

Their official response: “It’s crazy, and it hurts him. Of course she wasn’t wearing a microphone. » Fortunately for Meghan Markle, many Internet users did not believe for a moment in her guilt. According to them, it was simply the folds of the dressor a medical device.

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