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Brigitte Macron, 69, adopts a new hairstyle perfect for her age

In town as at the Élysée, Brigitte Macron is always dressed in a very chic way. It gives a lot of style, especially for official visits. She has also received advice from the biggest names in French haute couture to achieve this. For her guest on September 12, she even went under the scissors of her hairdresser. She seems to have refreshed her mid-length blonde bob with fringe on the side.

That day, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister of Greece and his wife Mareva Grabowski. This visit, which was photographed, then made the public discover the new haircut of the First lady of France. A new hairstyle that suits the 69-year-old woman perfectly. On the arm of her husband, Brigitte Macron simply had class!

Brigitte Macron’s new hairstyle: a mid-length bob and bangs

A superb haircut, but that was not all, since Brigitte Macron was also very well dressed for the occasion. The First Lady wore a new tailored ensemble black and white. What made an impression is the cleavage of his garment! We rarely see her with a top that does not go up to the neck. Even if this famous neckline was not so plunging, she got us used to not letting her breasts be seen at all.

In terms of colors, Brigitte Macron had chosen to be in navy and white. As always, she opted for sobriety, and as recently, for this tone of blue that really clicks well with her tanned complexion. To complement her elegant outfit, she also released a superb Chanel clutch. With this style, the First Lady completely embodied French, or rather Parisian, chic.

The rather long square with fringe on the side definitely never goes out of style. The square is one of the favorite hairstyles when it comes to changing your look at the start of the school year. Indeed, what better than to get rid of the lengths that have taken too much sun during the summer to start the new season. The bob cut also gives a smart and studiouswhich goes with the impression that we want to give at the start of the new school year, whether it takes place in class or even at the Élysée!

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Brigitte Macron, the First Lady who always looks good

Brigitte Macron seems to love fashion and enjoys prepare your style for events taking place at the Élysée. The last time she blew us away was last July. Emmanuel Macron rolled out the red carpet for the President of the United Arab Emirates. The First Lady wore a stunning dress for the occasion.

Back to school is often synonymous with new haircuts, for children, as for celebrities! Despite this presidential return and its lot of things to do, Brigitte Macron therefore took the time to change her pace, and she is on top. We can’t wait to see her next official outfits. We will see it in particular during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, on September 19, at Westminster Abbey in London.

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