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Capital: this woman who has “2,500 euros to make ends meet” does her shopping in “the most expensive supermarket in France”: “It’s shameful”

We realize this during each passage of the shopping cart at the checkout: the prices were raised. Inflation almost reached 6% between August 2021 and August 2022. And it was normal for Capital to be interested in how the French are coping with the situation. But a report during the broadcast on September 11 surprised viewers in many ways.

First of all, the choice is made to follow this woman who does her shopping. Her monthly budget is €2,500, of which €225 is spent every 15 days at the supermarket. At first, this appears to be more than enough to get to the end of the month. Many are therefore surprised and even shocked by this situation far removed from their financial difficulties.

A situation not as simple as it seems

Except that she is the mother of 3 children and that her husband, self-employed in the building industry, works alone. With 2500€ to support 5 people, it is immediately much more complicated than what one might initially think. It is, then, his choices in the supermarket that amaze.

We see her circulating on the shelves and choosing first-price products as a priority. But some Internet users point out that she does her shopping at Casino, which they consider to be one of the most expensive supermarkets in France. And we find in his shopping cart brand detergents, necessarily much more expensive than private labels.

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Capital: a divisive report

It will be well understood, viewers come out divided of this report. Some consider that the choice of the speaker and his behavior in the supermarket do not reflect their daily difficulties. The period is, indeed, difficult for many and the comments vis-à-vis the program bear witness to this.

Capital has recently been elected favorite program of the French. She shared the podium with Rendez-vous in unknown land and the Guignols de l’info (broadcast until 2018). Appeared in 1988the program specializes in consumer issues and everyday economics.

But nothing is ever acquired. The broadcast of this report showed that viewers could be critical of choices they do not consider relevant enough.

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