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Emily Ratajkowski dares the fashion trend of the Tory Burch show

Tory Burch lights up New York Fashion Week SS23

Freshly started on September 9, Fashion Week is taking up residence in the fashion capitals. Before settling in London, Milan and then ending majestically in Paris, this intensive week reverses the codes of fashion in New York. Last date, it’s none other than the parade Tory Burch SS23 ready-to-wear which caught the attention of the general public. between influences ninetiescomparable to Carrie Bradshaw’s unsinkable wardrobe, games of transparency, and the presence of Emily Ratajkowski on the front of the stage, the show delivered a most memorable performance.

Tory Burch SS23: a collection inspired by the 1990s

Bordered by the Hudson, and blanketed by a setting sun illuminated by the lights of the city that never sleeps, the catwalk Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2023 celebrated the New York Fashion Week. The opportunity for the eponymous American designer to draw inspiration from her own life to design the silhouettes of her new collection. ” I thought back to my arrival in New York in the 90s “ she told AFP. ” Collections are more personal to me now that I no longer manage the house“. And for good reason, since 2019, the fashion designer has entrusted the reins of artistic direction to her husband, Pierre-Yves Roussel. The magic happens.

“This is how women want to dress today”

A whole chromatic spectrum inspired by the 90s then opened up before the eyes of the guests. A glamorous, almost erotic wardrobe that Tory Burch designates as obvious. “I think that’s how women want to dress today, but with a certain elegance. » and affirms that this collection is all the more sexy than the previous ones. “Developing fabrics that had all kinds of stretch and pieces that you could wear in different ways.” was his common thread so that “it’s really focused.”.

The fashion trends that we will want to wear this fall

Between miniskirts worn at the waist like bustiers, flowing transparent skirts, cycling shorts and legging-style capri pants, oval glasses, ballet flats and pop mules… The Tory Burch SS23 silhouettes echo the sporty wardrobe almost fluo, from this time never gone by. Among all the pieces, one stood out: the transparent top. A tailor-made fashion trend for @Emrata, who had caused a sensation a few months earlier in a transparent Coperni dress.

Emily Ratajkowski: topless, she launches the most audaciously successful fashion trend

Last night, the English model unknowingly gave herself the title of star of the evening. Not without stealing the show from other top models, the young 31-year-old mother opened the ball molded in a daring and successful outfit. For the occasion, Emily Ratajkowski swapped her transparent dress for a high sheer, combined with an openwork bra. A fashion trend in the making? The bets are off, and our fashion journalist bets yes.

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Transparent top: what to wear it with?

It all depends on the circumstances and the desired rendering. In order not to fall into vulgarity but conversely, to create a sensual style, the fashion trick is to wear a high sheer with underneath a bra, a bandeau or an opaque bra. All topped off by a blazer jacket and underlined by a long denim skirt. That’s it.

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