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“I am as guilty as him”

End clap. While they seemed to be spinning the perfect love, Mathieu and Alexandre, who had met during season 15 of Love is in the meadowseparated themselves ” from a common agreement “, revealed the breeder of bulls this Monday, September 12 on the set of Jordan de Luxe.

And to add: “We call each other every day. We lived two extraordinary years, really. We did a lot of trips. But at one point, Alexandre had trouble finding his place “.

Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) separated from Alexandre: “It’s a blow”

According to him, Alexander ” had need a quieter life, less turbulent. He wanted to be stable, a more classic life (…) We agree on everything. He wants to live something else. I need a more turbulent life, to move right and left, to do lots of things”.

If they have decided to take different paths, the former lovebirds, however, remain on good terms.I’m sure there’s no one. He’s a very straight guy, confided Matthew. That doesn’t prevent me from moving forward in life and continuing with the associations. But it is a blow. It’s more of a decision on his part. “.

“I’m having a baby solo”

Despite their separation, which occurred at the end of August, Mathieu and Alexandre still hold each other in high esteem. ” You know, when you love, you have to know how to listen to the other. He told me that he still loved me (…) The life I wanted no longer suited him. I’m as faulty as him, in fact, it’s 50/50. That’s why I let him go. I am as responsible as him “.

While the couple had taken steps to become parents thanks to the GPA, Mathieu is determined to carry out his project. ” I’m having a solo baby “, he rejoices before specifying that this one “ will arrive within fifteen months “.

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Mathieu, a future dad ready to “redouble his love”

I organize my professional life to work from home. The decision is that I’m going to make the baby alone. So I left (Editor’s note: in Colombia) to give my seed (…) I can’t take it anymore. I am a father through and through “, details the one who has the intention of” redouble the love to compensate for the lack of Alexander in the life of his future child.

Impatient with the idea of ​​becoming a father, Mathieu has already planned everything… right down to the choice of godfather and godmother. ” The baby’s godfather will be Jérôme from L’amour est dans le pré de ma saison, and the godmother will be my sister. Then, I am the godfather of my sister’s children. It’s normal that she is the godmother of my child “, he concludes, on a small cloud.

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