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Primark just released new dupes of luxury perfumes for only 2 euros

Buying perfume is always an event. Choosing the smell we like is already a challenge. But the perfect perfume can be very expensive! The luxury brands charge very high prices for their products.

However, a TikTokeuse has discovered the ideal good plan. According to her, these different perfumes offered by Primark would be the same as the luxury ones. The only difference ? Their price! Each perfume costs just over two euros!

@caryshannah Primark perfume dupes! 💕 #primarkperfume #perfumedupes #designerperfume ♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

The big brands are taken as an example

And it’s not a random scent. The biggest brands are concerned. Prada’s ‘Candy’ would be fooled by Primark’s ‘Tease’. According to Prada’s official website, ‘Candy’ is “a tender and addictive chaos. The exception that confirms the rule. »

Jean Paul Gautier is also a victim of his success. Indeed, Primark would have fooled its ‘Scandal’ by giving it the name ‘Peach Bouquet’. With a price reduced to the maximum, the brand from Great Britain seems to have found THE way to attract customers. It must be said that a two-euro luxury perfume is very tempting!

The Victoria’s Secret brand is also one of the chosen ones. The ‘Tuberose Petals’ would be a version of the absolutely classic ‘bombshell’. Victoria’s Secret describes this fragrance as follows: “Bold and sparkling. A sparkling mix of freshly cut peonies and afternoon sun. »

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Huge savings

But the best savings that Primark offers with this new range concerns another brand. Yup, The ‘Velvet Rose & Oud‘ by Jo Malone is part of the lot! The ‘dupe’ version is called ‘Rose Oud‘. And the price difference amounts to more than one hundred euros!

As saying that Primark knows how to seduce its customers. Since perfume is often assimilated to a luxury product, it becomes more accessible. And being able to taste luxury by paying only a few euros is very tempting! So, have you tried these different scents?

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