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“The dreaded day has arrived”

A tear for any mother… The departure of a child. This is what the participant of the show Large family La vie en XXL experienced when her daughter, Camille, left the family cocoon on Monday, September 4.

The separation was difficult to live for Cindy Van Der Auwera who insisted on revealing his feelings : “ The dreaded day arrived this Sunday, September 4. My mom heart sank when I got in the car and waved at you for the last time, a small smile on the corner of my cheek, tears in my eyes. Of course like any mom I cried and I still cry at times but I know you are doing what you wanted…”

A heartbreaking separation

She even adds to her daughter in this same post published on September 6 on Instagram these a few sentences full of emotion : “ I’m so proud of who you are, what you’ve become, and I know this is just the beginning. Degraded at one point in your life, you were able to get up and prove that you too were capable of reaching this branch…differently of course…but you’re there…your dream is just a few steps away my darling. »

The eldest of the family, who turned 18, tells us more about the reasons for her departure in a post on Instagram. She will follow a leader training in a campsite, located in Barcarès, Florida. ” I left 400km from my home to do training to become a facilitator. The first step of our future project. I currently work at @campinglefloride where I have fun, I get along with everyone and I like it a lot. »

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Maybe a future family project

We do not know more for the moment on the nature of this project but we can expect everything with the tribe of Cindy Van Der Auwera, her husband Sebastien and their 11 children. She also mentions it: “A great adventure begins for you: A pillar for our big family project”. We can in any case imagine possible life change for those who are also owners of about sixty animals.

Present in seasons 2 and 3 of the TF1 series Large Families life in XXL, the Van Der Auwera family is now very active on social media and thus has around 195,000 on Instagram. It hasn’t been an easy summer for Cindy, a college nurse, and her husband, Sébastien, a caregiver in a psychiatric hospital with separation rumors. But the start of the new school year heralds a new start for both mother and daughter.

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