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this is THE perfect time to plan a salary negotiation

As we all know, in the sky, the planets are constantly moving and this affects our personalities, but also our lives. This week, an astral movement will help you plan how to negotiate to better move forward in life!

Retrograde Mercury Helps You Negotiate A Rise

It is an opposition between two key planets for human consciousness. Jupiter and Mercury, will both be opposite to the most exact degree on September 18, 2022. This will give you the opportunity to find balance in the areas that these planets rule.

These two planets are personal and act directly on our daily actions. In addition to being in opposition, these two stars are in a period of retrograde which occurs simultaneously.

This means that any action taken in the realm of Mercury (communication) or Jupiter (social position), must be carefully thought out and planned. It’s not about jumping into the water without thinking, but about being strategic so that the planets help you!

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What can we negotiate under this astrological aspect?

This celestial event will promote understanding for both parties, as one of the two planets involved, Mercury, will be in the sign of the planet that rules the one that opposes it, Libra.

If you feel you need an upgrade in some aspect of your life, through that aspect there will be a balance that justifies your demands. If you feel the negotiations need to be about greater fairness in your partnership or friendship, you can negotiate with the other, as the energy will flow.

This aspect will begin on Sunday, September 18, 2022, but will intensify on the 22nd of the same month, thanks to a conjunction of the Sun with Mercury. Plan your business negotiations (Partner, family, working hours, salary, etc.) around this date so that the planets can make you benefit from their effects!

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