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“This sheet is authentic” explains CAF

The month of September, the start of the school year and with it, its many expenses when returning from vacation. A difficult times for many households and this year, the bill is even higher with inflation which prevails all over Europe. That’s why the amount of this sheet of social benefits, which has gone viral on social networks, is puzzling.

Almost 6000 €. And we find here the details of the benefits paid by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales du Bas-Rhin to a family in August 2022. APL (Personalized housing assistance), family allowances, RSA (Revenu de Solidarité Active) and back-to-school allowance which is paid only once a year.

This sheet is authentic according to the CNAF

The CNAF (National Family Allowance Fund) was contacted by our colleagues from the Checknews team for Liberation. She assures that document is true. It corresponds to a family of 10 children (from 0 to 19 years old) whose couple is a beneficiary of the RSA.

She also recalls that the amount is higher in August, since this is the month when the back-to-school allowance is paid. Normally, the family only receives 3600 or 3700 € according to the CNAF. We also learn that the APL is paid directly to the Public Housing Office of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.

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The debate is revived against the assistantship

While the left gathered at the Festival of Humanity last weekend (September 9-12), the union was not necessarily appropriate on all subjects. Thus, Fabien Roussel, the secretary general of the French Communist Party opposed in a speech labor left to the “the left of allowances [et] social minima.

His remarks sparked controversy in his own camp and the voices were raised within the other members of the NUPES (New People’s Ecological and Social Union). In particular on the side of LFI (La France insoumise) of Jean-Luc Melechon who prefers to qualify as ” assisted » large companies that have received aid during the pandemic.

There is no doubt that this kind of publication, relayed on social networks won’t ease the tension. The debate is always divisive between a part of the population which considers itself as “France which works” and is opposed to “France at home and unemployed” which benefits from state aid. A subject that is always very sensitive in our country.

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