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Camilla Parker Bowles inherited jewelry Elizabeth II gave Princess Diana

This week the new queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles attended a festival in honor of women in the town of Cheltenham in the United Kingdom. The wife of King Charles III, appeared at this event with a brooch that belonged to the late Lady Di. Judged as a lack of respect by some, this did not fail to shock the British! If she expected it to go unnoticed, it failed.

The jewel in question is a brooch topped with an emerald, diamonds, rubies, and the coat of arms of King Charles III. It is an iconic piece that once belonged to the current king’s previous wife. Lady Diana, however, wore it as a pendant. Camilla Parker Bowles decided to use it as a brooch. Perhaps to differentiate themselves from the missing princess…

Camilla Parker Bowles’ jewel was given to Princess Diana

After the controversial divorce between Princess Diana and King Charles III, this magnificent jewel remained in the house of the british royal family. This is indeed how it works, the jewels remain in the possession of royalty. Leaving the family means saying goodbye to jewelry! After the death of Diana Spencer, this superb piece was also considered one of the most beautiful treasures left by the princess who died in a tragic accident.

After the brooch appeared on Camilla Parker Bowles’ jacket, the British were shocked. Some keep a taste of bitterness towards the history shared between the two women. Princess Diana’s faithful can’t stand to see her old pendant on King Charles III’s new wife. It must be said that the current king had, at the time of his marriage to Diana, an extramarital relationship with the current queen, Camilla Parker Bowles.

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The extramarital relationship between Camilla Parker Bowles and King Charles III

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer married in 1981, and had two children, William and Harry. They separated in 1992, and divorced in 1996. It was shortly after, on August 31, 1997 that Princess Diana lost her life. Since then, she remains in the hearts and minds of many Britons. Her supporters have not digested at all that she could have been deceived by Prince Charles.

One of the most controversial topics of the royal family is surely this extramarital relationship. King Charles III cheated on Lady Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles, his current wife. And now the Queen Consort appears in public with the jewel once given as a gift by Queen Elizabeth II to Princess Diana. The pendant, or brooch of your choice, of each was in addition a wedding gift !

This isn’t the first time Camila Parker Bowles has worn the brooch, however. Already in 2007, she had raised the anger of supporters of Lady Diana by showing herself with it, on the eve of the anniversary of the death of the princess. If she thought she would go unnoticed this time, she failed. If, usually, all eyes are on the actions of Kate Middleton, they seem to change the target!

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