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Christophe Willem, 39, was transformed by cosmetic surgery

Christopher Willem told the magazine Here is to have gone under the knife to correct some of his physical defects. By getting rid of his complexes thanks to his visits to the plastic surgeon, the singer says he is desired today. It has not always been the case. Critics have even caused him complexes.

“At school, I was stigmatized, like the ugly duckling or the big fag of the court. My success had erased that, I felt carried by the gaze of the public. You mistakenly believe that this love of people will heal a self-esteem that has been shattered. It’s wrong. So at the slightest failure, you go down even lower than before »he lamented in the columns of Here is.

Complex, Christophe Willem had recourse to cosmetic surgery

Because we made fun of him, the singer confided that he had somewhat resorted to the scalpel to correct its faults. “I’ve had implants, had a bump on my nose corrected, straightened my teeth, but no Botox or anything like that”he told reporters. Here is. “For the physical, we started from so far that, thank God, it could only improve with time”, he also said. “When you start off very ugly, you really need a big ‘lose’ shot for it to get worse.”

It was in 2006 that Christopher Willem shows up at the auditions for The New Star. At the time, few imagined him as the big winner of the show broadcast on M6. The weeks pass and the singer is still in the seal. The “tortoise” as Marianne James calls her is breathtakingly talented, and will eventually win the game on the Pavillon Baltard stage.

During the finale, the public seems to agree with the show’s jury. His atypical lookhis quickdraw, his smile and above all his diva voice soul seduce. More than fifteen years later, the singer is now a star in France. Ultimately, Christopher Willem seemed to have more charm than he thought!

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Singer Christophe Willem has built an image for himself

Despite the beauty that many found in her, Christopher Willem thus built an image thanks to the plastic surgery. It was undoubtedly by going through the scalpel that he managed to have this air of assertive boy and sure of himself that we find him today. In his last title, PS I love you, the singer looks like a man who assumes himself. However, he always keeps this simple and accessible side that we love about him!

Christophe William tells Here is having seduced another French celebrity, a comedian. Asked by Malika Ménard, Christophe Willem confided: “ During my first round, I arrive in my dressing room and I see a bouquet of roses, but gigantic! I was all excited, like, ‘Who sends me roses?’ And there, I see: Pierre Palmade!“.

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