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Daily horoscope for Thursday, September 15, 2022

With the start of the new school year well underway, our lives are gradually stabilizing again, even if the routine is intense and the agendas are full for most of us.

The Moon will start the day in the sign of Taurus where it made a spectacular conjunction with retrograde Uranus yesterday.

As night falls, she will enter the constellation Gemini, where she will awaken our desire to exchange ideas and nurture and develop our intellect.

Take advantage of the astral conjuncture of the day to think of new ideas that will reveal your deep and authentic Self.

Daily horoscope for Thursday, September 15, 2022: love, health, work…


A good aspect of the Moon with Pluto and the Sun could help you position yourself in your astrological houses of work and career. Once night falls, you will be able to generate a strategy to optimize these two sectors with intelligence!


The Moon in your sign in beneficial aspect with Pluto and the Sun will allow you to explore what excites you and connects you to your true self. Don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect with your soul.


This morning, you will be melancholy with the Moon transiting your last astrological house. In the evening, Eureka, the Moon entering your constellation with its fantastic aspects will offer you a moment of peace and mysticism with a loved one.


Today you will have a very interesting conversation with people around you, which will open your mind to new ideas. Do not hesitate to provoke moments of meeting, because the exchanges will be very interesting!


Today, the stars will help you study how to improve certain aspects of your work. Take advantage of the good aspect of the Moon with Pluto and the Sun to think about how to optimize your performance in this area.


Creative inspiration will come to you like a thunderclap, thanks to the grand trine between the Sun, the Moon and Pluto. You will be able to use this intimate epiphany to be more spiritual and creative, without it preventing you from being serious and effective!


Certain aspects of your life may need adjustment at this time. You can take advantage of the beneficial aspects of the Moon today to think about how to proceed strategically and radically so that these changes are most beneficial to you!


Your ruling planet, Pluto, is in positive aspect with the Sun and Moon. It will give you a lot of positive energy to exchange ideas and communicate with your partner and friends. Get ready to have fun!


Your friendliness and open-mindedness will give you great career and job opportunities today. Try to take advantage of the help of the Moon to venture into new ways to earn money.


Today you will have a great opportunity to express yourself in a profound way and to touch others with your revolutionary ideas. Don’t keep anything to yourself, the secret is to share your projects with the whole world.


A need for introspection will be felt in your heart today. After the conjunction of your ruling planet, Uranus, with the Moon yesterday, you may feel the need to think for yourself. Give yourself space.

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Today, thanks to the Moon and the Sun in beneficial aspect to Pluto, you will be able to have clearer ideas about a romantic relationship that was unclear for you. It will help you take initiatives to move on or say goodbye once and for all.

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