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Here is how many euros per month the French lack to live decently, according to this study

The past few months have put the purchasing power of the French to the test. And as inflation rages and prices continue to rise in almost every sector, many are worried. As revealed Le Figarothe majority of them already admit having to tighten their belts to meet their needs.

It’s a fact, almost one in ten people say they have limited their non-essential expenses or pay particular attention to the price of the products they buy in order to be able to make ends meet… A study looked at what the French lacked financially to live decently each month. Verdict.

The French would need an additional 510 euros per month

According to the latest CSA Research barometer for Cofidis, it is very precisely missing 510 euros per month to the French to live decently and with peace of mind as the end of the month approaches. This amount corresponds to a real record: it is 43 euros more than the previous year!

It is estimated that this surplus income would be used mainly to cover food expenses (53%); but also energy (29%). As pointed out Le Figarothese are two sectors that have suffered the brunt of the rise in prices since the start of the year.

The results of this study are particularly worrying. And for good reason, they show that the French deprive themselves to meet basic needs. Food and warmth. Indeed, it is only after food and energy that leisure comes.

Purchasing power: the number one concern

For all these reasons, the French are worried about their purchasing power which is becoming – far ahead of health (34%) and the environment (27%) – their main concern (54%). This is one of the consequences of the general context, which is particularly anxiety-provoking for the most modest families.

The concerns of the French are well founded. More than 68% of them consider that their purchasing power has rather decreased over the past ten years. And as the situation does not seem about to improve – quite the contrary – pessimism becomes the norm.

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The pessimism of the French in the face of the gravity of the situation is felt in many respects: they postpone their projects, restrict themselves in their daily purchases and try to find solutions to alleviate the impact of inflation. », declares Mathieu Escarpit, marketing director at Cofidis France.

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