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his fans accuse him of abusing cosmetic surgery

The Hollaback Girl singer, who turns 53 next month, was recently interviewed on US show Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss her current role as a coach in The Voice US. However, viewers seemed rather interested in her looks. Gwen Stefani was “unrecognizable”.

The star showed up on the show with long blonde hair and a bold purple fishnet ensemble, but her appearance has changed so much that even her longtime fans wondered if it was really her.

The extract from the interview posted on the show’s YouTube account was inundated with hundreds of comments from viewers expressing surprise at Gwen Stefani’s new look. The top-rated comment also states “She is literally unrecognizable.”

A second comment asserts “She looks completely different now,” “I’m old enough to remember her with pink hair and braces. I can’t believe how different she looks now”said another person.

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“I am a fan of Gwen Stefani… I am so confused”

Other outraged fan comments state “I’ve been a lifelong Gwen fan and didn’t recognize her. I’m so confused,” “I never would have known it was Gwen Stefani without the title! »

It has been many years now that Gwen Stefani been talked about for her changes in appearance, yet the star has never spoken publicly about having surgery. During an appearance on the Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke segment in 2016, host James Corden asked her why she seemed to age backwards to which she replied that this change was attributed to her relationship with her husband. Blake Shelton. “I kind of started to fall in love. Then I wrote a whole record about it. That’s what the ‘facelift’ is, I think! ” she says.

This isn’t the first time Gwen Stefani has made headlines for an almost unrecognizable new look. In 2016, she shocked fans by appearing at the Billboard Awards with very different makeup than usual. Her makeup artist at the time even had to publicly defend the new look.

Without once discussing cosmetic surgery, in the columns of ELLE US magazine, she confided in her beauty secrets: “The only thing I’ve really changed is taking off my makeup.” She specifies: “The key is to keep your face clean at night. Let your face breathe”.

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