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“I got caught”

We know Amandine Pelissard for her participation in Large Families broadcast on TF1. Guest of Jordan de Luxe on her September 13 show Chez Jordan for Tele-Leisure, she confided in a part of her past. And we learn that she was sentenced to prison.

Everything starts during the pregnancy of her sixth child : “One fine day, (…) I have to be hospitalized. I find myself on pathological leave so I can’t continue to work because I have problems related to my pregnancy. Alexandre, who has been an employee on a permanent contract in an industrial bakery for more than 10 years, finds himself laid off almost overnight and we find ourselves a little taken by the throat with no income at all for several weeks ”. rshe says.

Amandine Pellissard “forced” to fly

“And suddenly I was, I’m not going to say forced because nobody forced me but… I found no other solution at the time than to steal food from a store for my children” she continues. She also adds that it was only food products

Amandine Pelissard repeat the maneuver but ensures that the total amount of the larceny does not exceed €200. The story could have ended there but it is spotted and arrested. “I got caught. Of course, when you do something stupid, that’s what happens. I found myself in custody. » she admits.

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She defends herself alone and does not appear at the hearing

She is of course summoned to court to answer for his actions but does not hire a lawyer and above all does not show up. “I had chosen to ensure my defense alone. I took six months firm. The fact that I didn’t show up at the hearing, I don’t think that worked in my favor. »

Since, she decided to appeal and to be represented. She also hopes that her situation will work in her favor. “Now I have a lawyer. I also know that I am a mother, I work, I am an entrepreneur and that for sentences of less than a year in prison, they have sentence adjustments. » explains Amandine Pelissard.

“I didn’t have to do this. I am absolutely not looking for excuses. Even though I had reasons for stealing food at the time, it was definitely not excusable. » she concludes.

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