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Is the great fear of the “blackout” this winter justified?

Electricity and gas prices are soaring: the country is going through an unprecedented energy crisis. To help the French cope with inflation, the government is implementing various measures. Energy checks, tariff shields, new electricity tariffs… This is not always enough to reassure them.

Although the State ensures that it does everything possible to protect the French as much as possible, the arrival of winter and its low temperatures does not in any way calm concerns and speculation. The risk of “ blackout is unquestionably one of them.

Energy crisis: Under no circumstances does France run a risk of a blackout »

Due to the recent interruption of Russian gas deliveries, many people are wondering about the risk that France has of being confronted with a “blackout”. In other words: a general blackout that would concern all or part of the country.

Is the threat real? The electricity transmission system operator (RTE) provided an answer to this question in a press release published on Wednesday September 14, 2022. As revealed The Independentthe news is rather reassuring.

This winter, ” the risk of tension on the power grid would effectively be ” increased “, but would still remain “ controllable thanks to strong mobilization in favor of energy savings. ” Under no circumstances does France run the risk of a ‘blackout’, i.e. a total loss of control of the electricity system “says RTE.

Uncertainties and risks remain

However, the manager notes certain uncertainties and does not deny an increased risk of tension on the electricity system during the winter of 2022-2023. It is also for this reason that, this year, the vigilance period begins exceptionally in the fall and now extends over several months », warns RTE.

Of course, a ” mobilization in favor of actions to reduce consumption is also required. It is under these conditions that the risk of blackout can be completely contained. However, potential power cuts cannot be completely excluded.

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Xavier Piechaczyk, Chairman of the Management Board of RTE, explains: “ We can eliminate a large part of the risks if we are very proactive about sobriety, as well as about mobilizing around the red EcoWatt signal during peak consumption, so that we can get through a winter, even a cold one, without difficulty. “.

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