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Nicknamed “the queen of mascara” on TikTok, she FINALLY reveals her tip for very long eyelashes

For those who have long eyelashes naturally, fighting with false eyelashes is not a common thing. But for those who have very short eyelashes, it’s difficult to have a voluminous effect without it! Difficult, but not impossible, according to this TikTokeuse, Mia Delucanicknamed the ‘queen of mascara‘ on the platform. She decided to reveal her secrets.

Our main ally to give volume to eyelashes is obviously mascara. It is found in different colorsin different models. The version waterproof also exists. But sometimes, even wearing mascara, our eyelashes still don’t look very bulky.

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Do not forget to take care of your eyelashes

How you apply your mascara matters, of course. If the eyelashes are well cleaned, it will be easier. So think about remove your make-up well nightly. Other people choose to use an eyelash curler to tame them, before applying their mascara.

But according to Mia Deluca, the magic tool is quite different. She uses a hair dryer to have long eyelashes! And the influencer decided to share her secret in a video. She details the steps she takes to keep her mascara on all day.

@miadeluca Replying to @lexirae416 doing this + a few other things help my lashes to stay up all day #fyp #mascaragonewrong #imgood ♬ original sound – 🖤

An easy and inexpensive method

Mia Deluca begins by showing that she uses the cold mode of her hair dryer. She seems to have already applied a little mascara on her eyelashes when she starts the video. She points the hair dryer at her eyelashes and waits a moment. It seems quite fast though!

Then, the young woman picks up her mascara brush and applies it again. At the same time, she keeps the hair dryer pointed at the eyelashes, which she coats with mascara. Then she puts the brush down and continues to blow cold air on her eyelashes. And finally, it shows the final result: long eyelasheswhich are supposed to last all day!

This tip, shared by Mia Deluca, has been viewed over 18 million times. The pretty brunette is very successful on TikTok, with almost 100,000 subscribers. And her eyelash tips can make us do savings ! Indeed, sticking to mascara and a hair dryer instead of using eyelash extensions seems much less expensive…

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