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the mask that makes all the dry skin of the feet peel off

Summer is over, now it’s time to pamper yourself. Because if the holidays are good for morale, they generally mistreat our hair and our skin. Indeed, you have probably noticed: UV rays diffused by the sun, beach sand, chlorine or even salt water can dry out our skin.

And if we think every day of nourishing our body well with the help of a cream, a milk or even a body balm, there is an area of ​​the body which, even when it is very hydrated, remains dry and rough.

We are of course talking about our feet ! Since even being very regular in terms of care, when we return from vacation, our heels can be very dry. So, to find very soft toes, we have no choice. It is absolutely necessary to provide them with deep care.

How to find soft feet?

For this, we can go directly to an institute for foot beauty. There, the beautician will carry out in particular a scrub, a sanding but also a massage with the help of a moisturizer, and nothing better to find pretty feet in just a few minutes!

However, there are even more effective treatments. We think in particular of peeling treatments. Generally, peeling treatments for the feet come in the form of socks that contain a dose of exfoliating anti-callus mask based on fruit acids.

The principle is quite simple. Just slide your feet inside the sock masks, wait about half an hour (depending on the instructions for use), then rinse everything off.

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Before/after: impressive results

You will have to wait approximately four to seven days to see the action of the anti-callus mask on our feet. The peeling mask actually nibbles the upper layer of the epidermis. All the dry and damaged part of our skin then comes off, then falls off.

In short, the foot peeling sock mask removes the entire first layer of the epidermis to finally make a new skin.

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The process is quite impressive, since a few days after performing the peeling mask, we discover large chunks of dry skin peeling off our feet. A phenomenon that greatly amuses Internet users and in particular TikTok users who have fun filming this and then sharing the result on video.

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