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the poignant message of his loved ones

This Monday, September 12, TF1 broadcast The Daval mystery, a TV movie freely inspired by which has become one of the most publicized news stories of recent years. On this occasion, the relatives of Delphine Jubillar, who disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, paid tribute to the young woman, murdered by her husband on October 30, 2017.

On the Facebook page “Support for the families of Delphine Aussaguel”, the cousin of the nurse gave herself up as rarely. ” This evening, I will have a special thought for Alexia and her friend Isa, who cries and suffers in silence”, she wrote.

Alexia Daval: Delphine Jubillar’s relatives outraged by this “act so heinous”

And to add: “We’ve been supporting each other for months. I know what you’re going through, you know what we’re going through. We have never seen each other, and yet we are and will remain linked forever “.

This act so heinous, so weak, so cruel, will make our heart bleed until it stops beating.she was moved. We are Delphine and Alexia. Forever in our hearts. We love you “.

Jonathann Daval’s mother mad with rage: “My son is not a fairground animal”

Very angry against TF1, Martine Henry, Jonathann Daval’s mother, also spoke after the broadcast of “Mystery Daval”. We didn’t want it to happen, but we had no choice. It’s gonna stir everything up again, we don’t need that »she got annoyed in the columns of The Republican East.

It must be said that it hurts families. I would like to be rid of all this, that we don’t talk about it anymore (…) I don’t agree with this movie story, and Jonathann doesn’t agree either. I would like all that to stop… We’re fed upshe protested last November. My son is not a freak! »

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Jonathann Daval as a couple: “He will do his job, let us leave him in peace”

While Jonathann Daval has found love in prison, his mother now wishes that “ we leave him in peace “. Especially since the former computer scientist has a hard time with this media exposure. During his visit to the Dijon remand center, he had indeed been confronted with the hatred of the other prisoners who had not hesitated to threaten him after having copiously insulted him.

Gold, a series inspired by the book Alexia, our daughter, co-written by the parents of Alexia Fouillot, should soon see the light of day. ” We don’t want to forbid making a film, that they talk about their daughter in a good way, yes, but without talking about Jonathann or the trialblows Martine Henry. Jonathann has been judged, he will serve his sentence, let him be left in peace. It’s shameful (…) Really, we must leave people in peace, and the dead too… ”

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