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These 6 Planets Are Retrograding At The Same Time, Here’s How It Will Affect You

On September 9, 2022, Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, joins an already well-populated team of planets in retrograde. It’s a large number of celestial bodies retrograding at the same time, which is quite unique!

Astro: what does astrology say about these retrograde transits?

What does the passage of a planet in retrograde mean? It is in fact a perception of the movement of the stars seen from the earth, in which the planet seems to stop its usual movement and begins to move back.

This “apparent” backward movement has a meaning according to astrology. In the past, astrology considered these times to be bad omens and disasters. Today, the evolution of this discipline has led to the conclusion that it is rather a time of reflection on the theme that governs this planet.

In one way, they help to redirect one’s own movements, to adjust what is necessary to achieve specific goals in life and in the other hand, this same energy can draw to us questions from the past that require revision.

Which planets are retrograde right now in the sky?

With so many retrograde planets, the message from the cosmos seems to be that we should pause to reflect on many aspects of life. Right now, there are exactly six planets going retrograde. These are Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. To these six planets are added the retrograde asteroid Chiron and the North Node which are also in retrograde motion.

What is the significance of the influence of these planets in our lives?

The signs they are in greatly influence the effects they will have on us. Mercury will retrograde in two signs, Libra and Virgo. This will require revisiting certain relationships in our lives, and the way we take care of our bodies and our health.

As for Jupiter in Aries, it will impose a deep reflection on our actions, our impulses and our desires. Saturn retrograding in the sign of Aquarius calls for a reassessment of goals, structures, and the management of our precious time.

The planet of changes, Uranus, retrogrades in the sign of Taurus which has a great connection to the earth and the economy. This implies a review of economic structures and respect for the environment. Neptune in Pisces will require each of us to connect more organically with our unconscious and our humanity. As for Pluto who retrogrades in the sign of Capricorn, he asks us to dig deep inside ourselves to find the hidden power we possess as human beings.

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Take advantage of this period to pay attention to the areas of these planets that you feel the need to transform in your life. Do it with care and responsibility so that it is as productive as possible.

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