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This ‘hidden message’ from Princess Diana on her wedding shoes is exceptional

the July 29, 1981 was a big day for the royal family. the Prince Charles, heir to the English throne, married Diana Spencer. Images of this union have gone around the world. They remain cult, even 40 years later.

The union of Charles and Diana took place at the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. 35,000 people were invited to the event. Joined them 750 million viewers of the whole world. Suffice to say that this union did not go unnoticed!

This little hidden detail that few people know about

However, there is a detail that many have not noticed. Indeed, nothing was chosen at random for this event. The wedding dress of Diana was grand. The princess wanted to call the designer duo in person David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

These designers imagined a dress for her with 10,000 stitched sequinsand an drags 7.60 meters has been added. the petticoat huge of the dress also remains in our memories. But it is under this one that the little surprise thought by Lady Diana. Oh yes, the shoes of the bride were very special.

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Absolutely unique shoes

These were drawn by Elizabeth Emanuel. But it was Clive Shilton who made this pair of suede shoes. He set them with 542 sequins and of 132 beads ! 6 months were needed to obtain the perfect pair, which would meet Diana Spencer’s very specific requests.

The future bride had asked the designer to embroider on the sole the initials ‘C’ and ‘D’ in homage to the first names of the bride and groom, Charles and Diana. A special attention that makes us melt. And this special message isn’t the only thing the princess asked for. Indeed, she wanted quite particular heels.

Diana was 1.78 meters tall, and her future husband is 1.80 meters. The master shoemaker, Clive Shiltonhas explained : “Her main concern was that she didn’t look taller than Prince Charles. And because she was very tall, the shoes had to have a small heel. » In any case, all these attentions are very romantic and touching!

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