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this incredible excuse put forward by the mother of the family to justify her abuse

On August 30, the prosecution was warned after a report from Social Assistance (ASE) of “violence of minors by ascending and evasion of legal obligations” in a home located in Noyelles-sous-Lens, in Pas-de-France. -Calais. A sordid news item that has since made headlines.

Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV this Monday, September 12, Bryan, one of the couple’s ten children, came accompanied by his brother, Rudy, but also his aunt, Magalie, who openly denounces the violence committed by his sister and his brother-in-law.

House of horror in the North: the surprising explanations of the mother of the family

While the Béthune prosecutor mentioned a “ total lack of hygiene, and serious educational deficiencies either the fact of not having taken care of his children in a normal way », Magalie claims to have tried several times to save her nephews and nieces.

“When I arrived, the little ones were changed, but tied, and I was told they were just watching a cartoon or taking a nap”, she explains. An excuse that did not really convince the young woman who had subsequently spoken with one of her nieces about it.

“There is no family that has this functioning”

Worried, the latter had then revealed to him that his little sisters slept attached “in the chairs” and in “their excrement”. An unbearable situation for Magalie who remembers that “His blood boiled”.

For his part, Bryan, at the origin of the complaint against his parents, believes that hethere is no family that I know of that works like that, with so much physical and verbal violence”. Questioned by our colleagues from BFM TV, the young man remains marked by the acts of mistreatment he has witnessed.

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“We are their salary, the money does not go to the children”

“I have seen many things and experienced many things in this home, he breathes. I am the father of a little girl of twenty months and I see that one does not raise a child in such conditions. When a child leaves home, they make another child so they don’t lose a single amount of money. We are their salary, the money don’t go to the children “.

And to conclude, sobs in his voice: “ We did not escape any of the violence (…) Blows with sticks, whips, rackets, brooms “. The couple, who remain presumed innocent, admitted the facts and were placed under judicial supervision before their trial next January. He faces three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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