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watch out for this infamous, growing scam

Lately, scams are multiplying and vigilance is required. On social networks, by email, by sms, but also by mail and in the street… Scammers are rampant everywhere, all the time! And the victims are more and more numerous…

In this article, we are talking about a scam like no other, which it is better to be wary of… The latter responds to the name of “the pigeon droppings scam”. Yes, yes, you read that right! But then, what exactly is it? Explanations.

What is the pigeon droppings scam?

The pigeon droppings scam is more and more widespread, becoming a real problem in some cities in France. As revealed Free lunchit consists of spraying the victim with an odorous liquid, similar to pigeon droppings, before carrying out the larceny.

This scam mainly targets the elderly. Totally disoriented, the victim tries to understand what is happening to him and looks for the stain on his clothes. It is then that the trap closes on her: the crooks take advantage of this moment of inattention to steal her belongings!

Purse, wallet, mobile phone, bank card… With the pigeon droppings scam, many valuables can be stolen. This scam is not new, it had already been spotted last year. However, it looks like it’s coming back strong!

Pigeon droppings scam in Valencia: a necklace worth 4,000 euros stolen

According to information disclosed by France Blue, an 84-year-old woman was recently the victim of this scam while she was walking quietly in the streets of Valence (Drôme). A man used the pigeon droppings scam to get close to her. Pretending to help her clean up, he stole her.

It was without violence that he seized the gold necklace that wore the neck of his victim. A jewel of the Cartier brand, the amount of which amounts to 4,000 euros. Unfortunately, it was only a few minutes later that the lady noticed the disappearance of her precious necklace.

A complaint was then filed by the victim and the investigation is open. For the time being, the trace of the stolen necklace has not been found. The police call for vigilance. As revealed by Dauphine Libereseveral thefts of this type have been listed across the country.

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In the Drôme, in the Hérault, in the Ain, in the Oise… All the victims are elderly people, say the police services. Caution !

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